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               Going Green! 

 In 1991 Home Hardware created the Earthcare line.Earthcare signifies Home Hardware's commitment to help conserve and protect the environment.  The EarthCare logo clearly identifies products that are energy efficient, biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, non-toxic, organic, manufactured from recycled material or help to conserve water. 
We are doing our part to help the environment:  
-Paper recycling program- all paper, envelopes, newspaper, & magazines get recycled in our store
-Cardboard Recycling program- all cardboard gets recycled
-We have made the switch from plastic to paper bags
 -We use the natura & natural cleaning products for cleaning around the store 
There are many ways you can help to conserve the environment:
-Turn off lights when you are not using them
-Use dimmers where desirable
- Use photelectric cells or timers to turn outdoor lights on & off automatically 
-Make the switch to compact energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs
-Use solar lighting around your yard
-Keep drapes and shades open in sunny windows, close them at night
-Change furnace filters regulary. A dirty filter impedes airflow and makes your furnace work longer and harder.
-Install ceiling fans
-Use Natura Products, these producrs help reduce the impact on the planet, because they are Eco-friendly, organic or biodegradable 
-To control Insects, reduce the use of chemicals and be environmentally responsible check out  
-Read labels on products before you buy them
-Buy Eco-bags so you can reuse them, rather than plastic bags
-Install a set-back thermostat, reduces heating and cooling for the hours of the day you are not home
-Park your car and walk or ride a bicycle when ever possible
-Implement  a recycling program for your home, for bottles, paper, cardboard, milk cartons
-Install a composter in your yard
-Teach your children about saving the environment, recycling and not littering 
-Follow the 3 R's- REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE 
Alternative to Plastic Bags:  
Eco Bags
Beauti-tone Eco bags
Gardening Products:  
Organic Potting Mix
Green Earth Weed & Grass Killer
Non-toxic, No Solvents, Less than 1% VOC 
Natura White Glue 40ML
Natura White Glue 225ML
Odourless, No VOC, Fast Dry, Water Clean-up Paint:  
Natura Interior Latex Paint, Eggshell, Clear Base- 3.48L 
Natura Interior Latex Paint, Eggshell, Medium Base-3.48L
Natura Interior Latex Paint, Eggshell, White Base- 3.48L
Safe alternative to TSP, for paint preparation, Phosphate Free, Odourless, Non-corrosive  
Natura Safe Prep, 1LITRE  
 Household Cleaners:
Natura Dish Soap, Septic Safe& Biodegradable, 600ML
*Also Available in 4L Refill*

Natura Fabric Softener, Phosphate&Chemical-Free, 32 Loads
Reusable Fabric Softener Sheets, Hypo-allergenic&odorless, Chemical-free, 500 Loads
Natura Laundry Detergent, HE,  Non-toxic, Phosphate-free,  2.85L
All natural liquid Bleach, Chlorine free, Hypoallergenic, No fumes, Septic Safe, 1L

Toilet Bowl Cleaner,  Safe, Organic, No Fumes, 900ML
Bathroom Cleaner, Uses the natural power of oxygen, septic safe & biodegradable, 650ML
*Also available in 4L Refill*
Natura all-purpose cleaner with tea tree oil, safe, non-toxic & skin-friendly, 650ML
*Also available in 4L Refill*
Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner, No phosphates, Ammonia, Bleach or Harsh Chemicals, Septic Safe, 825ML
Simple Green All Purpose Household Cleaner, Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Safe Alternative, 650ML  
Natura Laminate & Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Provides outstanding cleaning action with Tea Tree Oil, 650ML
*Also available in 4L Refill*
Natura Cabinet Cleaner, Outstanding cleaning with Tea Tree Oil, Non-Toxic, No Phosphates, No Caustics, 650ML
*Also available in 4L Refill*
Natura Glass & Surface Cleaner, Fragrance & VOC free, Biodegradable, Does not contain Phosphates, Solvents or Ammonia, 650ML
*Also available in 4L Refill*
Natura Wonder Cloth, Made from 100% natural wood fibers, Supports Tree Canada Foundation, 11"x11"
* Also available in 16"x16" *
Natura Cheese Cloth, Durable, reusable, 100% Natural Cotton, 36"x108"  
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